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Detection strength


Quadratic Element All-dimensional Precision Instrument :

● Test the overall dimension of carrier tape;
● Test appearance by amplifying 70 times;

Power Hardware Semi-automatic Tester :

● Able to test 12-88mm braided carrier tape and cover tape;
● Adjust temperature and pressure according to test requirements;

Release Force Tester:

● Test the release force of carrier tape and cover tape;
● Be ready for test of release CPK value;

LED Freezer :

Test the cold storage tolerance of carrier tape and cover tape

LED Full-automatic Ageing Oven:

● Bake at constant temperature and humidity;
● Aging condition up to 100°C;

Surface Resistance Instrument: 
Surface resistance value 1012-3
Millesimal Thickness Gauge:
Thickness of cover tape (accuracy μm)