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  • product name: RBS002 Low-temperature Cover Tape
  • Product number: 001

  Cover tape is a tape product used in the electronic packing field, which can be covered on the surface of carrier tape under external force or heating to form a closed space, in order to protect and pack electronic components.  

Features】 RBS002 upper cover tape has stability performance to PS/ABS or other carrier tapes, and provides electronic components with excellent packing, protection, conveying and surface mounting.   

Appearance:Misty PET surface:None
Thickness(μ m):68 Heat sealing temperature(℃):85-120
Core color:Blue Peeling strength stability:Good
Applicable width(mm):9.3-81.5 Applicable carrier tape (sealing face)Material:PS
Applicable length(M):300/1450 Recommended application:shrapnel component
Surface impedance Ω Seal face:None Characteristic:low temperature