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  • product name: 2727-Carrier Tape
  • Product number: 015

Carrier tape refers to a tape product used in electronic packing field. It has a certain thickness, and holes (or pockets) for accommodating electronic components and positioning holes for index and positioning are distributed on the carrier tape along the length direction.

Carrier tape is applied to surface mounting industry of electronic components. It is used together with the cover tape (top cover tape) to accommodate resistor, capacitor, transistor, diode and other electronic components into the pockets, and forms closed packing space by sealing the cover tape thereon to protect electronic components from contaminating and damaging in the transport process. When electronic components are mounted, the cover tape is peeled off; the automatic mounting device takes out components from the pockets sequentially by precise positioning of the index holes, and then mounts them on the printed circuit boards (PCB).