2016 China's LED lighting industry trend outlook


2016 China's LED lighting industry trend outlook

2016-03-07 09:54

   In 2015, China's lighting industry is facing self-reform under the influence of multiple factors such as the rapid development of LED lighting, the rise of e-commerce, the promotion of Internet +, the entry of domestic economic growth into a new normal, and the adjustment of its own structure within the lighting industry Opening up has come to the most complicated situation. In this complex situation, China's lighting industry continues to maintain a relatively high growth momentum, the export situation is gratifying, it has achieved good results, and achieved the perfect ending of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". 2016 is the first year of the "13th Five-Year Plan". Energy conservation and emission reduction will continue to be the top priority. LED lighting products that can play an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction will certainly receive the attention and promotion of the government and the market. Further development of the LED lighting industry. In the first year of 2016, China's LED lighting industry will show the following ten trends.

  1. China’s LED lighting will further influence the world

   In 2003, China took the lead in the world to invest in the research and development and application of LED lighting. After paying a considerable price, it achieved the current leading position in the world. Previously, China's lighting industry used its strong manufacturing advantages and price advantages to become a supplier to many well-known companies or lighting manufacturers in the world. It lacked brand influence. Although the price was cheap, the quality and performance were indeed not high, and it could only be regarded as a major manufacturing country. At present, my country's LED lighting products continue to maintain a price advantage compared with international well-known companies, but the quality and performance have been greatly improved, and they have a competitive advantage. In 2015, when world demand slowed down and most of China's industrial exports declined, China's lighting exports continued to maintain a growth rate close to double digits, which fully demonstrated China's LED lighting industry advantages in the world.

   The development of LED lighting will affect the pattern of the world's lighting industry. The recent spin-off and listing of internationally renowned lighting companies such as Philips and Osram, and the introduction of strategic investors are just the beginning of changes in the pattern. Many European and American veteran lighting companies have a century-old history. Companies are facing difficulties caused by the development of LED lighting. This pattern change provides a rare opportunity for China's lighting industry to move from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. In recent years, many domestic companies have expanded their markets internationally with their own brands. In the future, we should also use the power of capital to acquire, merge or participate in established international lighting companies, and use their brand, channel, and network advantages to quickly enter the world. market. In 2015, Feilo Acoustics acquired SYLVANIA and set a precedent for domestic enterprises to go global. It is believed that in 2016, more Chinese lighting companies will go to the world with products, brands or capital, and the world's lighting industry will be re-integrated due to the development of LED lighting in China.

  2. With the entry of financial capital, listed companies will become the leading force in the industry

  Before 2010, there were only a few listed companies in the lighting industry in 4~5. Because of the small number of companies, the impact on the industry would not be effective. With the development of LED lighting, the number of listed companies related to lighting has increased rapidly. Currently, there are more than 40 lighting companies listed on the Shanghai Main Board, Shenzhen SME Board and ChiNext, more than 70 on the New Third Board, and a number of companies are listed or in the process of share reform. The implementation of the registration system in 2016 will be more conducive to the company's listing. In addition to speeding up the company's development through financing, going public can also bring social brand influence due to becoming a public company. At the same time, being a listed company will increase the trust in the eyes of users, which is beneficial to the company's market expansion. It is believed that with the increase in the number of listed companies, the influence of listed companies in the lighting industry will increase and become the dominant force. Lighting companies should pay attention to the progress in this regard, formulate company development strategies, independent listing, backdoor listing, or listing through mergers and acquisitions, should choose according to their own circumstances.

  3. Cross-industry integration, Internet+ promotes industry transformation and upgrading

   Cross-industry integration and interconnection are current hot topics, and the advancement of Internet+ has made this topic deep in the lighting industry. Utilize the easy controllability of LED and the ubiquity of lighting products to add functions related to urban management, life and work. For example, in the construction of smart cities, make full use of the carrier of street light poles to load such things as traffic monitoring, safety monitoring, meteorology, air quality monitoring, medical assistance, WIFI, broadcasting, information screens, charging piles, big data collection, etc. Improve the level of urban management, speed up the response, and provide a means to deal with emergencies. In addition, it can make full use of the advantages of LED dimming and color adjustment, combining the mechanism, strengthening research and related experiments, and promoting the application of LED in the fields of agriculture, medical treatment, and health care. The integration of related technologies makes lighting products a platform, greatly improves the additional functions of lighting products, makes them a cross-border, interconnected tool, enhances the role of the lighting industry, and expands the business space of lighting companies.

  4. LED lighting industry acquisitions, mergers, and integration will intensify

  LED, as a new type of energy-saving light source, has various tall hats such as high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, and high-tech. It has attracted the attention and support of governments at all levels, and introduced various preferential or subsidy policies. The investment boom of the whole society. Companies with financial strength and technological capabilities have entered the lighting industry one after another. The number of companies engaged in lighting research and development and production has increased rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, the number of lighting companies has reached more than 20,000. In the short term, due to the combined effect of the incremental market and the stock market, the demand of the market can barely maintain the survival of so many production enterprises. However, with the increase of market penetration, the stock market will gradually be released. In addition, the long life of LED lighting products will lead the market Demand will fall and companies will enter the integration phase. It has been reflected in 2015 that LED lighting products have matured technology, improved market acceptance, and increased demand. However, due to the decline in prices, there is no increase in sales due to the increase in output. Therefore, the output of some enterprises has doubled compared with last year, but sales No increase. However, because of the fierce market competition and the thinning of corporate profits, most companies’ sales have increased, but the increase in profits has not synchronized, and companies have not felt the dividends brought about by the increase in market sales. High-tech products have sold at the price of cabbage, and some products are already at a lower price than traditional products. The competition can be described as fierce. The development of an industry from inception to surplus to maturity is an inevitable process. During this process, some enterprises develop and grow, and some enterprises are eliminated. This is a normal phenomenon. In order to develop, many companies use their own advantages to integrate resources. In the past two years, dozens of mergers and acquisitions have occurred in the industry, which will further intensify in 2016.

  5. Subdivision and specialty will be the way for enterprises to survive and break through

   Lighting is an industry with distinctive characteristics. Its products are used in all walks of life and families. Its requirements are closely related to the working environment, work content, people, and living standards. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, most industries in my country have formed companies with monopoly advantages, and the sales of the top companies can account for 70% to 80% of the entire industry. The lighting industry, which also started in the 1980s, has the largest sales company of only more than 4 billion yuan, and the sales of the top ten companies account for less than 10% of the entire industry. Some people have suggested that the top ten companies whose sales account for 70% to 80% of the industry are mature industries, and vice versa. But it cannot be generalized. The reason why this state of the lighting industry appears is determined by product characteristics. Individuation, customization, and special requirements determine that a considerable number of lighting products cannot adopt large-scale production methods. It needs to be treated differently. Therefore, subdivision and specialization provide enterprises with living space. How to design products according to needs and be professional; how to provide design schemes according to the environment and achieve subdivision; how to install products according to requirements and provide good services. The enterprise does not seek to be bigger, but seeks specialized, detailed, deep and good, and pursues high added value. Many European and American lighting companies with a history of 100 years have only a mere 200 to 300 million euros in sales, but they have few rivals in their fields. At present, there are too many companies. Under the current situation of overcapacity in the entire industry from production, sales to engineering, living is the most important. According to the characteristics of the company, professional in subdivisions is the way for companies to break through and survive.

  6. Smart lighting will become a new outlet in the industry

  Smart lighting has been the focus of industry attention in the past two years. The easy controllability of LED provides space for the development of intelligent lighting. Intelligent lighting is not a new technology in the field of lighting. It has long been used to adjust the brightness of lights, switch lights or power through infrared control, radar control, voice control, program control and other technologies, mainly for the purpose of energy saving. However, LED can realize the change of brightness, color temperature, and color through intelligent control, which can not only achieve the purpose of energy saving, but also can adjust the physiology and relieve the mood in life or work, thereby improving work efficiency or making work easier. For example, the light change mode is provided according to the age of the person, which not only ensures the needs of life but also facilitates rest. Provide scene modes according to the application environment to meet work needs, or provide lighting methods according to the work content to improve work efficiency. However, when designing and providing intelligent lighting products, we must avoid artificial complication, move at the right time, take simplicity, practicality, and convenient operation as the premise, design on demand, and landing the most important. Intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency, and improving the management level. There is huge room for the development of smart lighting. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart lighting will become more common and will become a new outlet for the development of the lighting industry.

  7. LED+ extended services, spawning innovative business models

   Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting is much more complicated in terms of maintenance. In the past, maintenance was mainly to replace the light source, and ordinary people can basically operate it. However, LED lighting involves modules, power supplies, intelligent control systems, or various systems related to urban management functions. Once a failure occurs, the point of failure needs to be determined and maintained. Therefore, maintenance personnel are required to be professional, and the future PPP mode will be promoted. It is even more necessary for us to strengthen our service functions. Therefore, in the future, how can the lighting manufacturer itself, or the engineering contractor with which the manufacturer cooperates with it, establish a complete service system and form a new business model. The establishment of this business model, on the one hand, can form a fixed source of profit for the company, on the other hand, it can become a priority supplier of service targets to ensure the sustainable development of the company.

   8. LED lighting products are cost-effective, and standard specifications need to be implemented

   The price of LED lighting products has declined at a relatively rapid rate in recent years, and the prices of some products are even lower than similar traditional lighting products, such as LED T5 tubes, flat panel lamps, etc. This has led to the rapid application of LED lighting products Important reason. However, most of the current LED lighting products are used for renovation, and LED lighting products are basically not used as a new building design stage. The main reason for this is that the current LED lighting products do not have a unified specification. As a designer, when designing a plan according to the lighting requirements of the environment, there must be alternative products as a basis. Our national standards have also issued photoelectric parameter requirements similar to downlight lamps, flat lamps or tubes, but many of them are basically fully covered and have no specifications. In addition, the LED parameters produced by different chip factories are different, resulting in the LEDs produced by domestic enterprises. The parameters of lighting products are not uniform, and designers cannot choose their models, which creates obstacles for new buildings to adopt LED lighting products. Therefore, relevant agencies should work with enterprises to formulate relevant regulations as soon as possible to promote the application, form standards in the application, and promote the healthy development of the LED lighting industry.

  9. LED lighting has become the starting point for national energy saving and emission reduction, and correct guidance is the top priority

  LED lighting has attracted the attention of relevant government departments due to its energy-saving advantages. Various preferential and subsidy policies have been introduced to promote the rapid development of the LED lighting industry. Enterprises have also increased capital investment and research and development efforts to make LED lighting The product technology is mature, the price is falling rapidly, and there are no obstacles to market application. However, in the promotion process, the promotion of LED lighting products is not smooth due to some traditional thinking. Take street lamps as an example. At present, there is little progress in mainland cities. The main reason is that the chip modules in the street lamps produced by various companies cannot be interchanged, which prevents the relevant departments of street lamps from adopting them. However, as LED lighting products, we must have new thinking . First of all, as a new light source, LED has a life span of tens of thousands of hours under the premise of ensuring quality, which is much higher than other components used in street lights, such as power supplies, plastic parts, waterproof rubber rings, and waterproof glue. Wait. Secondly, whether the connection method of the module is through screws or plugging, it is very difficult and unrealistic to replace it at an altitude of 12 meters. Therefore, the requirements for the interchangeability of modules should also be discussed. In addition, because of the inconsistent specifications of LED lighting products used in indoor environments, designers cannot choose their models when designing projects, making the adoption of LED lighting in new projects also not smooth. In addition, the disorderly promotion of LED lighting in the past few years and the current uneven product quality have also affected the application of LED lighting products by many consumers. All of these require us to carry out a lot of publicity work and guide consumers correctly. Only in this way can LED lighting products be applied more smoothly.

  10. "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" will become the thrust of the accelerated development of LED lighting

   At the Paris Climate Conference that ended not long ago, China made a commitment to the world in terms of coping with climate warming. 2016 is the first year of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Energy conservation and emission reduction will be the top priority throughout the five-year period. LED lighting will be valued by governments and markets at all levels with its remarkable energy-saving effects. The implementation of the “13th Five-Year Plan” plan will surely become a powerful driving force for the development of LED lighting. Relevant practitioners in the lighting industry should seize this opportunity to tide over the difficult period with the help of the development of LED lighting under the general environment of slowing economic development at home and abroad. At this stage, survival is more important than development. Only when we survive can we have the capital for development.


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