China, a big country in LED packaging, is not just talking!


China, a big country in LED packaging, is not just talking!

2016-03-07 09:55

   China is a large LED packaging country. It is estimated that 80 LED device packages in the world are concentrated in China, distributed in various US-funded, Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded, and domestic-funded packaging companies. Chinese LED packaging companies have a relatively high market share. In the field of high-end LED device packaging, some Chinese companies have made great breakthroughs. With the continuous maturity of process technology and the accumulation of brand reputation, Chinese LED packaging companies will surely play an important and leading role in China, a large LED application country.

   The following explains these differences from each link of the LED packaging industry chain.

  1 LED chip difference

   At present, there are about ten LED chip companies in mainland China. They started late and are not large enough. The largest LED chip company has an annual output value of about 300 million yuan, and each has an average annual output value of 100 to 200 million.

  The performance of LED packaging devices depends on the LED chip to a degree of 50. The core indicators of the LED chip include brightness, wavelength, failure rate, antistatic ability, attenuation, etc.

   At present, most of the small and medium-sized chips of domestic LED packaging companies use domestic brands. The chip performance of these domestic brands is smaller than that of foreign brands, and they have good cost performance and can meet the needs of most LED application companies. In particular, the performance of some chip brands has been comparable to that of foreign brands. Through the cooperation of packaging technology, it has been able to meet the needs of many high-end applications.

  2 Packaging production and test equipment differences

  LED main packaging production equipment includes die-bonding machine, wire bonding machine, sealing machine, spectroscopy and color separation machine, glue dispenser, smart oven, etc. Five years ago, LED automatic packaging equipment was basically dominated by foreign brands, mainly from Europe and Taiwan. China only had a small supply of semi-automatic die bonding and wire bonding equipment. In the past five years, China’s LED production equipment manufacturing industry has made considerable progress. Nowadays, automatic die-bonding machines, automatic sealing machines, spectroscopy machines, automatic dispensing machines, smart ovens, etc. are all supplied by manufacturers. Good price/performance ratio.

   At present, among the LED packaging companies in China, the LED packaging companies in the forefront of scale all have the world's most advanced packaging equipment, which is determined by the advantages of latecomers. In terms of hardware level, LED packaging companies above the designated size in China are the most advanced in the world. Of course, some higher-level test and analysis equipment needs to be further equipped.

  3 package design differences

  LED packaging design includes shape structure design, heat dissipation design, optical design, material matching design, parameter design, etc. China's LED packaging design is an improvement and innovation based on existing designs in foreign countries and Taiwan.

  The design needs to rely on good computer design tools, good test equipment and good reliability test equipment, as well as advanced design ideas and product insights.

   There is still a certain gap between China’s LED packaging design level and foreign industry giants. This is also related to the lack of large-scale leading companies in China’s LED industry and the lack of organized and planned large-scale R&D and design investment.

  4 Differences in packaging auxiliary materials

  Packaging auxiliary materials include brackets, gold wires, epoxy resin, silicone, mold strips, etc. Auxiliary materials are an important basis for the overall performance of LED devices. The quality of auxiliary materials can determine the failure rate, attenuation rate, optical performance, and energy consumption of LED devices.

   At present, the supply chain of packaging auxiliary materials in mainland China is relatively complete, and most of the materials can be produced and supplied in the mainland. With the process of global integration, Chinese LED packaging companies have been able to apply the latest and best packaging auxiliary materials in the world.

  5 packaging process differences

  LED packaging process is also a very important link. With the rapid development of Chinese LED packaging companies in recent years, LED packaging technology has risen to a good level, especially for some high-end requirements such as large LED displays, wide color gamut LCD backlights, etc., China's outstanding LED packaging companies It has been able to meet its needs, and the LED produced by the advanced packaging technology is close to the international level of similar products.

  As China has become a major LED packaging country in the world, China's LED packaging technology is developing and progressing rapidly, and the gap with the world's top packaging technology is narrowing, and some products have surpassed.

   We need to increase R&D investment in the field of LED packaging technology research. Both companies and governments should pay attention to it. In fact, the gap between China's LED packaging technology and foreign countries is mainly due to the gap in R&D investment. With the growth of China's national power, we believe that China will become a powerhouse in LED packaging.


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